Buffalo Update: The Screening Room and CYOA

Besides being the sweatiest lady in my “twerkyourbootybarre” class(dear god help me) and googling “best sad documentaries” too many times to keep track, I’ve been trying to take in some Buffalonian culture.

This led me to one of my new favorite event calendars: Choose Your Own Adventure(CYOA).

I told you guys Buffalo wasn’t a wasteland/garbage town.

They feature events at major institutions such as contemporary art center, Hallwalls (which is housed in a very real church that Ani Di Franco bought) as well as more underground events.

It serves as kind of a curated aggregator for Buffalo’s small but steadily growing artistic community and its email only which makes for a fun surprise once a week!

Along with being too excited about a weekly email i’ve also been hanging out in an abandoned strip mall across the street from a Mighty Taco at The Screening Room.

Another Buffalo cultural institution.

The Screening Room Cinema Cafe is technically a movie theater, but mainly it is all of my dreams and nightmares rolled into one. Housed in a strip mall that I was sure was going to be the scene of my murder, it’s been around and independently run since the mid 80s.

These cars look strategically placed.

They feature a variety of older movies including Aliens, Clue and Blade Runner as well as some newer independent films. They also have special events, like when they screen The Godfather and give you a free spaghetti dinner. FREE SPAGHETTI! Top that off with $4 tiny bottles of champagne and a secret bar I found on my way to the toilet(I drank too much champagne) and I’m sold.




Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to spend the rest of my day convincing the owners to let me move in and trying to figure out if its ok for me to like that Bruno Mars song from 6 months ago. I just heard it and I’m conflicted!