Buffalo Update: Getting real into that art scene with Sugar City


Sugar City is an art collective that I like very much and want to tell you about. It exists to “organize alternative community, arts and cultural events in the Buffalo area.” They have all kinds of events and projects ranging from film screenings, art shows and poetry readings to punk concerts that seem very intense and most likely involve loud noises that would hurt my ears because I am old and lame. They also have a zine library that anyone can contribute to!

One of the most interesting things about Sugar City, however, is that if you have an artistic endeavor they will help you. Firmly rooted in the idea that art improves everything, if you want to put up a show, host a reading, teach a class etc. they will provide you the space(reasonably priced) and help out as much as possible. It’s kind of like an art incubator where people who “cannot obtain space from traditional sources” have the opportunity to exhibit, perform and create art. I’m into it!

Side note: I am currently a volunteer there and have recently started a “Gigs” page for them featuring artistic jobs and opportunities in Buffalo. So I don’t know, check it out or whatever.