Art Words from an Art Baby

Hey, you like art? You wanna hear about if from a baby who may or may not know what she’s talking about. Well, here you go…

What I’m into this week:

Glenn Ligon’s We Need To Wake Up Cause That’s What Time It Is at Lurhing Augustine Bushwick. A lot of his work focuses on language and its societal/cultural implications related to gender, sexuality, race and a host of other “identity” politics. The show runs through April 17th and I have a feeling it’ll be pretty great. If you want to read more about his work this 2011 ArtNews profile is a great look into Ligon and his practice.

Installation view of Glenn Ligon, Live, 2014. At Regen Projects, Los Angeles, 2015. Photographer: Joshua White. From

Cindy Sherman’s birthday and her 1997 directorial debut, Office Killer! We should all watch this surreal, horror-comedy-melodrama in her honor! Unfortunately, nobody likes it. But I love it. This could mean that I do not know what good things are or it could mean that this movie is super underrated. I’m gonna go with the latter. Here’s an interesting analysis of it from Jump Cut.



 “The Self Practice” by Cameron Bryson. It’s a really great short documentary about Canadian artist Jen Mann. It delves into Mann’s thoughts on her work and process. From Booooooom TV. 

Jen Mann, The One. Part of her show, Q&A, at Neubacher Shor Contemporary in Toronto. From

This creepy vase made by Italian designer Giuseppe Bessero. When you touch it you can feel the flower’s “heartbeat”. This is very good because I was looking for a reason to be terrified of flowers.

The Black Geometric Vase by Giuseppe Bessero. From