Art Words from an Art Baby

Hey, you like art? You wanna hear about it from a baby who may or may not know what she’s talking about. Well, here you go…

What I’m into right now:

From John E. (Jack) Drummer (1935-2013), Untitled, 1980s; Stretched and Dyed Rubber, two panel, 60 x 90 inches Overall; Courtesy of BT&C Gallery with the artist’s family

Jack Drummer: The Effects of Time at The Burchfield Penney Art Center.  

Running now until June 12th. 

The Burchfield Penney provides this succinct overview of the artist and his work:

“A native of Buffalo born in 1935, John E. Drummer lived through numerous movements in painting… [his] large wall hangings are sanded, stitched with rubber, and sometimes painted on with tar, taking on the color and strong smell of industrial materials. These works are depressing in such a sharp, pointed manner that they can be described as sublime.”

“His rubber paintings are raw, pure offerings of emotion. They all have a musty, earthy presence. With some of the works measuring as large as nine feet by nine feet, they engulf the viewer in a powerful atmosphere that can be troubling and difficult to process. Despite this darkness, the works are truly beautiful, and most importantly, they are honest and real. “

– Holt, Thomas J. “John E. Drummer” Beyond/In Western New York, 2007 p. 74.

If you somehow find yourself in beautiful Buffalo, NY you should check this show out.

Picture from artnetnews.

Show me a bunch of tough broads doing literally anything and I will rejoice. I will run through the city streets praising Mother Gaia and start drawing up plans for our inevitable take over. TAMMPPPONNSSS EVERYWHERE! All that to say, this was my reaction to the artnet news article, 16 Female Curators Shaking Things Up in 2016. Yes it will be nice when we don’t need our own separate list and I’m sure there are a ton of lady curators that are not getting this spotlight literally spilling out of art institutions all over the country/world but even artnet points out that this is “a small sample” and a damn good one at that. These ladies are serious business and are curating some of the best shows nationally and internationally, from New York to Dakar. Check them out.

WATCH THIS VIDEO OF DR.RUTH’S VISIT TO THE THE MET IMMEDIATELY!!! There are 4 in total, one of them is about Rodin. You will love Rodin in a way you never thought possible! The only thing better than this is when she and Scott Bakula became one on Quantum Leap.

You looking to spend the night in a replica of Van Gogh’s “The Bedroom”? You looking to literally get inside of art!? You looking to lose your minddddddddd, bruh!? Yeah I knew you were. I’m sure you’ve all heard about this already, which begs the question, “Why haven’t you done it yet!?” I mean look at this Air BnB ad:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.51.53 PM
Screenshot from AirBnB. This interactive experience is in conjunction with the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibit, “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms”,open now . 

It’s only $10 a night and Vincent Van Gogh’s ghost and/or reanimated corpse clawed its way out of the ground, travelled from somewhere in France to Chicago, recreated his painting in real life, took expert photographs and then posted them on the internet for your enjoyment!  You might be saying, “Amber…you’re crazy. That’s 100% not what happened.” And to that I say, “Let me live my life.”

If you want some real information about this exhibit take a look at these artnet News and Hyperallergic write ups.