Art Words from An Art Baby

It’s been a real long time but this baby’s got some art for you…

Artnet has been doing this thing for the past few months where they teach you how not to be a big dumb jerk near art. These are actually pretty helpful and if you’re like me and you need lists of things to figure out how to function then you’re in for a treat. Here are three of my favorites but you can  check out more Artiquette here at

Here’s how to behave at a studio visit. Hint: Do not bring up a lady’s eggs. This helps me because I’m always trying to compare and contrast…turns out that’s rude.

Here’s how to keep it together at an art auction. Hint: Do not take a nap, make sure you have money and don’t leave the art you just bought.

Lastly, how to not be a pile of hot garbage at a fancy gallery dinner. Hint: Honestly if you can figure out how to be invited to one of these you do not need advice. Also please let me come with you?

Are you, dear reader…like myself, in Buffalo at this very moment? If so you should check out this cool little show about space at The Box Gallery.  Up until October 30th. 14231857_1757339331172587_3252968460615547593_oPhoto from The Box Gallery. 

Make your death good for the earth, sick performance art and the physical embodiment of a nightmare with the $1500 Infinity Burial Suit. Artist/Coeio Founder and CEO Jae Rhim Lee has created a “pajama like burial outfit that would not only encourage bodily deterioration, but would use mushrooms and other microorganisms to remediate any environmental toxins in the flesh”(Allison Meier, You can check out the suit at the Ace Hotel’s exhibit, Natural Causes, up until this Friday the 30thLee’s green burial company, Coeio, is starting an interesting conversation about the business of dying and how we as consumers can make our deaths almost beneficial.  So go for it,  “green” your demise and support an artist turning her work into an environmentally conscious business. Check out the Hyperallergic article for more info. 

infinitysuit01You guys feel weird about a hotel trying to sell you an eco-friendly coffin? Well you shouldn’t…it’s super cool! Photo from – The Infinity Burial Suit by Jae Rhim Lee( courtesy Coeio)