Womxn Crush(ing it) Wednesdays: Intro

Ahoy fellow Feministas and welcome to the first edition of Womxm Crush(ing it) Wednesday! This weekly post will feature a new amazing babe every Wednesday in honor of kick ass womxn everywhere. Artists, actors, activists and more will grace these pages for mid-week inspiration, motivation and some eye candy.

The idea for the this feature has a more personal story behind it as it came about as a way for me to talk more openly about my sexuality, not that I have a legitimate crush on every babe that will be featured here, but for this first one I absolutely do!


Now we all know and love Kate for her heartbreaking Hillary impression, her character in 2016’s Ghostbusters Jillian Holtzman–who appeared in all of her queer ghostbusting glory– for writing and starring in Dyke and Fats, the most amazing SNL skit ever made and for her time on the Big Gay Sketch Show.

But Kathryn holds a very special place in my heart not only because she is an incredibly talented, unbelievably dreamy human being but because it was my feelings of more than admiration for her that helped me admit my sexuality in a way that I wasn’t ready to do before. But honestly, can you blame me? Look at that face!


I mean, come on….


So happy Wednesday Feministas! I hope this post helps lift spirits considering the impending doom that is Friday and if you’re like me and can never get enough Kate I highly suggest watching Disenchanted, a skit written and performed by Kate at UBC.

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