Sound Wave Saturdays

Hey ladies! Welcome to Sound Wave Saturdays, the mostly weekly post where I tell you what podcasts I’m listening to. Partly this is to help my 2017 challenge to consume more media produced by women, and mostly this is because I am everyone’s most obnoxious podcast friend. Seriously. If we haven’t had a conversation where I’ve said, “I was listening to this podcast the other day…” then I’m not sure we’re really friends (just kidding! I’m probably just trying to pretend that I’m a normal human that doesn’t spend most of her time listening to podcasts).

But now that everyone knows my not so secret love of podcasts, let’s get on to this week’s selection. I had some trouble choosing between my feminist rage, my desire to be on theme with the many marches this weekend, and my need for levity after a very hard week. My choice, Girl Friday, hopefully blends all three of these things.


Girl Friday with Erin Gloria Ryan, a senior editor at the Daily Beast, is a podcast from CAFE “where women in the media get together to blow off some steam.”  Not only does this podcast offer the opportunity for us to listen to like-minded women discuss what they think of the world and how they cope with the patriarchy, but also it’s hilarious.

One of the best parts of Girl Friday has to be the segment “Man Displeased!” in which each woman discusses the way that she has “failed” to please men that week. This mostly involves reading hate mail or discussing the various Twitter eggs that are unfortunately part and parcel of being a woman on the Internet. What makes this one of my favorite segments are reactions from Ryan and her guests who treat each example with the humorous disdain that it so rightly deserves.

So that’s this week’s Sound Wave Saturday! Have a good week ladies, and let me know if there’s something new that I need to give a listen.

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