Music Mondays: Janelle Monáe

Is anyone surprised that this week’s feature is about the unapologetically awesome, wonderfully energetic, and eternally electric Janelle Monáe?

I hope this is not an introduction to the singer, songwriter, actress, activist, and visionary behind Wondaland Arts Society, but in case it is let’s start with “Electric Lady” from her 2013 album The Electric Lady.

I can write extensively about the many reasons I admire Monáe–her outspoken advocacy for everyone that is “othered” in society and how this is directly reflected in her artistic vision and style, and the political position that is her wardrobe are only two of those reasons–but music is the order of the day.


Aw hell, here’s Monáe’s powerful speech and performance of “Hell You Talmbout” at Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington, which centered the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Mohamed Bah, Eric Garner, Dontre Hamilton, and Jordan Davis.

Fem the Future! Go watch Hidden Figures!

Learn more: 

Janelle Monáe: ‘I am the whole package’

RnB sensation Janelle Monáe is here because we need her


Black Lives Matter

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