A week in the FSC Facebook: January 21-January 27

Hello all,

This week has been particularly active on the Facebook group. Listed here for your weekend reading pleasure/pain are the articles/events/info shared from Saturday, January 21 until today.

[I will come up with a better way of organizing this; I’m open to suggestions.]

Inauguration / DJT news

These pictures show how many more people showed up for the Women’s March than inauguration

That Awkward Clip of Donald and Melania at the Inauguration Is Definitely Real

For Laughs: This Dutch video on Trump has gone viral because, well, just watch it

Rep. Collins: Trump ‘has all the cards’ in negotiations with Mexico

For Laughs pt. 2: Broad City – Hack Into Broad City – Inauguration – Uncensored

Watch ABC’s Full-Length Donald Trump Interview

Women’s March

To Christy on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March

You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.


Andrew Cuomo to Widen Access to Free Abortion and Contraception

National Park tweets climate facts amid Trump social media crackdown


Tell Congress to Support NEA and NEH Funding

Submit a public comment on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Immediately release Donald Trump’s full tax returns


Keep in touch with the Obamas!

Indivisible: A Practical Guide For Resisting the Trump Agenda

Penis Party PCU

App alert: Countable, for keeping in touch with your rep and staying up-to-date on the issues you care about

Public Events

Giving for Good, Galentine’s Day Project

Toronto: Newcomer and Refugee Artist Mentorship program info session

TODAY: State-wide call-in day for New York Health Act

TODAY: Be Like Frank, fundraiser for Journey’s End Refugee Service, Buffalo



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