Reflecting on the beginning (Rant #1)

[Note: A week in and they are already living up to their harmful and discriminatory promises. At the beginning of this new reality, I wanted to share this personal “manifesto,” of sorts, which I wrote following last week’s march.]

I am angry. I am angry that I still have to explain why I am angry when you would think the reasons are all quite obvious: “Equal pay for equal work,” “My body, my choice,” are still chants I have to scream; people still have to be reminded that Black, Muslim, undocumented, and trans lives matter; sexual assault is still shrugged off as ‘boys being boys.’ So I marched, I walked alongside strong, beautiful, diverse women to let them know (and they know exactly who they are) that NO! I will not be silenced! NO! I will not accept this as normal! NO! This will not be easy for you and I will make sure of that. Donald Trump does not deserve my respect, my allegiance, or my understanding.

I will stand with my sisters, with the Feministas, to let this new world order know that it best get out of our way. Since they insisted on taking America back, then we will insist on moving it forward without them. Call me a radical, a bitch, a nasty woman, it will not faze me, only fuel this fire that is raging within. This is my promise: Feminista Social Club will forever be a space that centers the rights, experiences, and individual fires of ALL women. We are a social project, a celebratory space where we can heal, grow, and ready ourselves for our jobs, our relationships, our activism, and our communities.

Our lives, our bodies, our dignity are all at stake and silence is no longer a luxury anyone who intends on being on the right side of history can afford. We must speak up while also making room for those who have been most marginalized by society. We must protect and support one another because we are only going to get through this together, and we absolutely must make it through together. We have seen the consequences of what happens when they succeed in dividing us, we must not allow for it to happen again. I hope we are all awake now, I am sorry and disappointed that it took this long for some.

On January 21, 2017, I looked out and saw people in every direction as far as the eye could see and I felt safe, I felt love, I felt power in its purest, most uncorrupted form. The people gathered because they felt cheated by the system (once again); they felt insulted by the bullshit that has been thrown at them and told to believe even when all the facts said otherwise; they felt emboldened by the extent of the world’s disregard for their collective voice and humanity. I felt proud and honored and humbled to share the march with women who have been fighting this fight for too long, with women leading the fight right now, with women who have lost and sacrificed so much and are still not defeated. I saw what the next generation looks like and it looks pretty good as long as we continue to teach them correctly.

The rest of our lives are going to be rough, as it has been for so many, but there is hope. As long as we look out for each other and stay focused and determined we stand a chance at making it through and actually creating tangible change.

Women of the world, I see you, and y’all look powerful as hell.

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