Womxn Crush(ing it) Wednesdays: Sarah Maple

Hiya Feministas and welcome back to Womxn Crush(ing it) Wednesdays!

This post is dedicated to the incredibly talented, English visual artist Sarah Maple, whose new work is really giving me all the feels (as the kids say). Ever since the completion of her BA in Fine Art from Kingston University in 2007, Maple has been creating sensational and thought provoking feminist art in a variety of different media.

Inaction, 2012

Maple’s work deals with issues of identity, femininity, gender roles, rape culture and so much more, all with a slight hint of humor and a touch of kitsch. Employing these elements can often compel the viewer to quickly to dismiss Maple’s work, which I think is her direct challenge to the viewer to take a closer look.

The Opposite of a Feminist, 2009  Women Are No Longer Viewed As Objects, 2009


Anti Rape Cloak, 2015
        A Tribute to Frida, 2007  Champs Cock, 2008


Snow White The Scientist, 2011
Menstruate with Pride, 2010-2011

I first came across Maple and all of her glory, when I was completing my MA in the UK. She was one the artists featured in an exhibition on shame and femininity, I co-curated with some amazing ladies from my program. I had the pleasure of attending an “Intergenerational Feminist Arm Wrestling” event she hosted in London, which was as amazing as it sounds (maybe the Feministas should host one in Buffalo?) and was a complete fan girl when I met her. Here’s the cheeky selfie to prove it!


Maple’s new exhibition titled “Power to the People?” opened today at Knoxbox Gallery in Amsterdam. The work in this exhibition has giving me some much-needed inspiration, motivation and dare I say excitement?! Because if something good is going to come out of the hell storm that is the next four years, I hope it’s more art like Maple’s. Art that doesn’t take any bullshit, art that is in your face and won’t apologize for it, and art that questions the idea of what art is, who it’s for and what it can do.


You can see more of Maple’s work on her website or follow her on Instagram.

Thanks for listening babes and stay angry!

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