Amber’s Fashion Corner: Passion for Fashion

Everyday I wake up having forgotten how to dress myself. Fifty percent of the time everything turns out alright and I manage to put my body into something that makes sense. The other fifty is pure unadulterated chaos. Sometimes for guidance I’ll turn to the instagrams of beautiful style babes or style blogs. And let me tell you something, nothing gives me full body/top to bottom anxiety quite like a style blog. But I love them so much and feverishly scrolling through pictures of fashion babes is a sick ritual that I can’t let go of and it also gives me a moment of respite from what I’m pretty sure is the world approaching peak Thunderdome.


Anyhoo, here are some of the ones I’m into:

Black Fashion. One of my favorite pastimes is feeling inadequate, so I spend a lot of time here. It’s made for cool teens by cool teens. ALL I WANT TO BE IN THIS LIFE IS A COOL TEEN. tumblr_okq8wavka81qasnrqo1_1280

Man Repeller. This beautiful monster once posted that jeans are dead. Now let me ask you dear reader, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT INFORMATION!? 16423136_1343863682343623_78445013358354632_o

Hana Tajima. Artist, designer, dreamboat.  screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-2-49-31-pm

And i get dressed. If you’re not wearing a sports bra over your sparkly striped sweater you ain’t really living. I’m reminded of this fact everyday. stripe_4

The Sartorialist. I read this one mostly for research. I’m trying to become a disgustingly wealthy middle age Italian man.11117cur6b8393ig

Fashion Bomb Daily. For maximum anxiety check out the Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Oooh doggie you will feel like someone ran over your head with the most beautiful ethnically ambiguous truck. camille-fashion-bombshell-of-the-day9-768x1001

Hel Looks. This quote speaks for itself:“I’m dressed up for my book launch party in a skirt I bought last weekend in Paris, and the colors of internal organs inspire me at the moment.” This woman gets it in a way I, and dare I say no one, will ever get it. NONE OF US ARE TRYING HARD ENOUGH!20161115_02

Passerbuys. It’s clothes and it’s fun ladies. What more could you want?untitled387of475

See you next week babes!

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