Sound Wave Saturdays

As promised, this week’s Sound Wave Saturday is on the lighter side. In fact, this is one of my favorite podcasts, and if you aren’t listening then I’m almost jealous that you get to enjoy this one for the first time. Almost. Mostly I just pity you for the fact that you’ve been deprived of the hilarious and witty women that make up 2 Dope Queens.


For the unfamiliar, 2 Dope Queens is a show from Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. These two badass ladies are hilarious and use their show to highlight not only their own talents but those of their friends. Friendship, particularly female friendship, is thoroughly showcased in this podcast, and I think we could all stand to be reminded about how awesome it is to work with and be supported by fellow awesome ladies.


(Tell me you don’t wish you were part of that squad)

So my dear Feministas, please take it upon yourself to listen to 2 Dope Queens this week. I promise you won’t regret it.

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