Music Mondays: Christine and the Queens

In all honesty, Héloïse Letissier, known by her stage name Christine and the Queens, should have been the first feature of Music Mondays. Since finding out about Christine and the Queens some time last year I’ve told anyone that would listen (sometimes even when they’re not listening) about the effortlessly cool and ridiculously talented Héloïse!

Like any proper superhero, she comes with her own bona fide origin story: After a traumatizing break-up, Héloïse fled to London where one night she found herself in the gay club Madame Jojo’s (now closed), in time to see the night’s drag act. The three queens of the act noticed the forlorn Héloïse, took her in and encouraged her to take on a new persona, an alter-ego, and use it as a creative outlet. So, Christine was born, and the Queens added as an homage to her mentors.

Did I mention that she is a fantastic dancer? While her video and performances of Tilted are a testament to this fact, it was her solo dance in the video for Saint Claude that solidified it for me.

Do yourselves a favor and make it a point to listen to the entirety of the her debut album, Christine and the Queens (released as Christine and the Queens in the US; Chaleur humaine in France) this week. It’s a perfect way to ward off the bad feelings and a perfect companion to any mid-week dance party.

Have a great week, Feministas!


Learn more: Christine and the Queens: ‘I just want to shatter everything’




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