Music Mondays: Valesuchi

Something a bit more mellow this week since the day off (#NotMyPresidentsDay) happily caught me off guard and I’m feeling relatively calmer than I have for the past two weeks. So just in case y’all are looking for something sultry and spacious to round out the long weekend, I give you Valesuchi.

In the past couple of years and for various reasons I’ve been making more of an effort to listen to and support musicians from Latin America. Valesuchi is one of the ‘finds’ that I have been most grateful for…would it be weird to liken her music to a non-confining hug? It’s a non-overly emotional embrace, almost bittersweet…is that a thing? Anyway, it is a feeling I have only ever previously gotten from Jamie xx’s remixes and album…and I’m definitely diving too deeply into this.

Anyway, the Chilean, analog-dedicated DJ and producer has been making music since 2003 and released her 4-song EP Golosynth in 2015. Since it looks like la primavera is slowly creeping in (I hope), it seemed appropriate to share some music to go along with that lazy end-of-winter feeling.

There’s this one, too:

I truly hope this week is a good one for y’all.

Learn more: Interview with Valesuchi (in Spanish)




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