Womxn Crush(ing It) Wednesdays: Lesley Gore

My dearest Feministas, I have some amazing news that is sure to brighten your Wednesday!

Now, we all know and love the protofeminist anthem “You Don’t Own Me” which, for me was immortalized by the epic ending of the First Wives Club. To be honest, the number of times I watched this film in my youth may be considered obsessive (all I wanted was a white pantsuit of my own) but Goldie Hawn is a total babe, who can blame me?

Now hold on to your hats because Lesley Gore, who originally recorded the song in 1963, when she was 17 years old, was a lesbian! Finally it all makes sense and my life has meaning!


Maybe this is common knowledge and my complete lack of pop culture awareness is really showing. Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “um duh, Hannah, everyone knows that”. Well I’ll tell you what, I did not know this epic tidbit of lgbtq history and when I found out, it really made my day, heck it made my year!


Gore burst onto the pop charts at the age of 16, with “It’s My Party” and following with epic hits like “Judy’s Turn to Cry,” and “Maybe I Know”. (All worth a listen, but don’t worry I’m leaving the official music recommendations to Jasmine and her infinite playlist wisdom.) Gore’s “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”, from the 1965 movie, Ski Party was nominated for a Grammy.

Although Gore largely dropped out of the pop scene in her later career, she continued to make music. In 1980, Gore and her brother received an Academy Award nomination for their work on the soundtrack of the 1980 film Fame.

Gore also hosted an lgbtq-oriented public television show, In the Life, in the 2000s. In 2005, she recorded Ever Since (her first album of new material since 1976), which included a revised version of “You Don’t Own Me”. I’ve been listening to it all week, it’s amazing! In a interview about the remix, Gore said “It’s a song that takes on new meaning every time you sing it.”

On February 16, 2015 Gore died of lung cancer at the age of sixty-eight. She was survived by Lois Sasson, her partner of thirty-three years.

So needless to say I’ve been crushing pretty hard on this week’s WCW.


Thanks for listening babes and stay angry!



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