Can’t Strike on March 8? Here are 10 things you can do

Hey babes,

For those of you who are participating in the “Day Without A Woman” events, thank you! For those of you who can’t (we recognize that not everyone can strike), here are 10 ways to make the world feel your wrath, I mean support all women and women’s initiatives on International Women’s Day.*

1. Acknowledge and thank the women in your life.

2. Actively ignore your male co-workers, if they persistently try to talk to you tell them you’re on sabbatical. If you have a meeting with a man constantly interrupt him with a “but actually” then re-phrase whatever he just said.

3.Make a donation to organizations that work to improve the lives of women.

4. Ask a man about his plans to get married / have kids. If he doesn’t have any make sure he knows that it is a) because of his clothes b) because he doesn’t smile enough.

5. Call your state and federal representatives to urge them to support women’s rights.

6. If a man cat calls you respond by asking him to throw you a birthday party. Tell him that you’re not angry, just disappointed…he should’ve remembered it was your birthday.

7. Limit your spending, try to support women-owned businesses only and wear RED in solidarity.

8. If on Tinder and a guy matches with you but doesn’t respond within one minute find him and murder him.

9. Remember that ‘Trans Rights Are Women’s Rights’, thanks Laverne.

10.Become a vigilante serial murder and/or a witch. Quit your job and reenact The Craft or an episode of Snapped for the rest of your life.

Bonus suggestions

Make out with as many ladies as possible, but like, with mutual respect for each other.

Be this shark: Female Shark in Seoul Aquarium Eats Male Shark Because He Kept Bumping Into Her.

*Note from Jasmine: I hope it goes without saying but while some of the actions listed here are genuine recommendations, others are just goofs.

*Note from Amber: I am a feminist nightmare and I have never made a joke in my entire life.

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