Amber’s Fashion Corner: Toilet Lewks

Getting dressed is real tough for me. Not sure why but there is a definite possibility that I am a bunch of babies stacked on top of each other wearing a trench coat masquerading as an adult, that could be the source of my difficulty. I digress. Because I have so much trouble putting clothes on my body I take pics of outfits I like for easy repeat. And so I present to you, dear friends, Toilet Lewks:

Picture 1 (top left), proximity to toilet – very close, just barely touching. This was taken at a bud’s house in the middle of a “sad sweat” – this is when I get very sad and consequently, very sweaty. We had just watched Moonlight, this is right before I broke a glass.

Picture 2 (bottom left), proximity to toilet – one leg in.  Took this picture to stop myself from calling and/or texting every woman I know on International Woman’s day because I had already done the same thing about a week ago. I do not remember the context but no one wants that much attention.

Picture 3 (middle), proximity to toilet – inside, splashing around. This might be a prequel to picture 4. If this is the case I am not wearing pants. I thought it was very important to document this lewk and how dirty my mirror is.

Picture 4, proximity to toilet – have become toilet, having the best time of my life, currently in a serious relationship with baby blue loofa pictured here.


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