Music Mondays: Anohni

“Only an intervention by women around the world, with their innate knowledge of interdependency, deep listening, empathy, and self-sacrifice, could possibly alter our species’ desperate course.” ANOHNI

Last year’s HOPELESSNESS was glorious and delicate, lyrically biting and raw, a perfect companion to a year that saw many of us searching for reassurance and compassion while grappling with feelings of frustration and, well, hopelessness. From the singles “4 DEGREES” and “Drone Bomb Me” to the tracks “Obama” and “Hopelessness,” ANOHNI brilliantly and beautifully reflected on the desperation and anger that has come to define our existence in this world of violence and greed.

On Friday, ANOHNI released Paradise, a sort-of companion EP to HOPELESSNESS in the sense that it embodies similar themes and continues the album’s mixture of electronic dance beats and melancholic words of protest [hence the reason why I couldn’t talk about one without the other].

Some of you might be familiar with ANOHNI’s previous releases under the name Antony and the Johnsons and will recognize that her latest releases are a departure from that former persona. There is an embrace of self, as well as an embrace of anger, that is more prevalent in her work as ANOHNI, and for that I am always appreciative (though, Antony and the Johnsons, specifically 2005’s I Am A Bird Now, will always hold a special place in my heart).

Also, fun fact: In 2014 she co-curated the exhibition and performance series Future Feminism at The Hole. The exhibition featured the debut of the 13 Tenets of Future Feminism, which included…

Tenet 13: The Future is Female, Engraving on rose onyx disc, FF NYC, 2014


So, feministas, stay angry, be compassionate, and have a great week!

Learn more:

ANOHNI, the artist once known as Antony Hegarty, on life beyond the Johnsons


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