Art Words from an Art Baby

Rounding out this march with some art stuff for you my sweet babies. Happy spring solstice!

1. Someone wrote a really nice fake letter for Dana Schutz.

2.  ANJA SALONEN AND MAJA DJORDJEVICBODY BUILDING. If you’re in NY rn check out this cool show at The Hole, closes March 26th. Both artists explore the female form through pastel surrealist landscapes (Salonen) and what looks like the craziest 8-bit computer game you’ll ever play  (Djordjevic). Also the floor is fun.

TheHole_Feb2017_install_12.jpg                                                                Installation shot from

3. Movie Night: I re-watched a 20 year old Austrian movie and I wanna talk about it.

Michael Haneke’s The Seventh Continent.


This movie is not for everyone, I personally like it because I’m a glutton for punishment. I first saw it way back when I was a dramatic lil’ baby teen. My family had just moved from South Central Los Angeles (of Boys in the Hood fame) to Reseda (which Tom Petty talks about in a song I do not like) and I loved nihilistic movies/competitive comedy improv – two things that have not and will never change. At the time I thought living in the suburbs was stifling my creativity but also very romantic in its conformity (I was the worst) , so watching a movie where a suburban white upper middle class family lifelessly moves through their days then kills themselves because life is meaningless was my jam. I watched it again recently and did not feel the same way.  Could be because this time around I did some research and came across Michael Haneke’s condescending hypothesis that audiences would be more upset watching a scene where the family literally flushes money down the toilet than seeing parents killing their child and themselves. He followed up with, “in today’s society the idea of destroying money is more taboo.” Now I know this was 1989 – when critiques of suburbia and consumerism were the hot new thing – but Haneke’s dismissal of his audience feels like it really only applies to well off white people. Instead of re-watching this movie I probably could’ve just stared at myself in the mirror repeating “You will not worship at the altar of capitalism. Open your eyes, bruh. Don’t just be another cog in the machine !” Anyhoo, that’s enough rambling. Here’s the trailer:

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