Music Mondays: Syd

The first time I heard Syd’s voice I damn near lost my mind. I thought, “who is this person of the dreamy, sultry, sexy voice? Why am I feeling so many things?!”

[For your reference: this was the song…sharing the video because the party looks like such a good time!]

So, I was late to the game. By the time Ego Death was released The Internet had already released two other albums and even though I was aware of Tyler, the Creator and the LA hip hop collective Odd Future, for some reason it took until 2015 for me to listen to The Internet. As soon as I did, I fell for the way Syd carefully told stories of love, sex, and loss with a striking, hushed intensity perfectly matched and rounded out by the soulful soundscapes created by her bandmates.

Earlier this year she released her debut solo album Fin, which she delivered with the same level of confidence and charisma that she had in her previous work. Despite her sleepy, toned-down vocals, even a heavy-synth beat like the one in “All About Me” [see above] doesn’t overpower her (I’ll give anyone that knows me one guess to name the reason I would find this characteristic particularly attractive, think minimalist vocals and dance beats), the point is, I’m very into this balance.

No bangers for this week, babes, mostly because I hope this week is more chill than poppin’…I’m over the busy, stressed-out vibe.


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