Music Mondays: Melanie Martinez

Long-form title: Melanie Martinez, or the reason I continue to watch The Voice hoping someone else will catch me as off-guard as she did all those seasons ago.

After finishing her run on The Voice at the age of 16, Martinez began working on her own music and the result was a dive into the psyche of her cutesy and creepy alter-ego, Cry Baby. Based on a childhood insult/nickname she was often called, Martinez managed to turn it into a coping device.

“People often see being emotional as a weakness, so I really wanted to write music that changed that perception, and made me feel strong. The album is about that, but through the life of Cry Baby. It’s about how different experiences shape her, and help her become who she is, which by the end is someone who’s crazy and emotional, but confident and comfortable in it. I think over time it helped me do the same thing.” – Melanie Martinez (Noisey)

Her entire self-directed aesthetic is peppered with childhood references but the themes she deals with belong to the disturbing and troubling world of adulthood…and perhaps that is what drew me to her, alluring and seemingly innocuous but hauntingly mysterious and dark upon closer inspection. I knew it as soon as I heard “Sippy Cup” and I was certain of it after I downloaded her album and listened to it on repeat on that morning train from London Liverpool Street to Cambridge back in the autumn of 2015.

It’s not really the most lighthearted way to jumpstart your week, but what can I say? I’ve been in a mood for the past 4 days.


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