Amber’s Fashion Corner: Thoughts on Murder She Wrote

Murder She Wrote is one of the best shows ever created and Jessica Fletcher is the sassy, murder mystery grandma we’re all desperately trying to be. And don’t even get me started on Cabot Cove. This town is chocked full of the most enjoyable murders…the most thrilling capers IN THE WORLD, or at least in New England. Fletcher also knows infinite sexy singles and they are all very well dressed. For example:

23909104756_d5a48140f9_b.jpg                                Vera Miles and Adrienne Barbeau getting wet and wild.

27552207761_2252d2e676_b.jpgA very beautiful, very murderous Robert Goulet.

screenshot_1_32603.jpgThis dude…who is this? I don’t care he’s getting me where I’m going.

Jessica-Fletcher-636944-1.jpgYou got me fucked up Jess.


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