Music Mondays: Lizzo

During a very hangry episode yesterday, I was sure nothing could cheer me up (besides eating, but that required an effort I wasn’t ready to make at this particular moment) and then, Lizzo’s “Scuse Me” came up on a Spotify playlist. At that very moment, I was saved…from my anger, the hunger I still had to work on.

Last autumn, Lizzo released her major-label debut, Coconut Oil, a fun and flirty collection of songs that at their core are about feeling good and loving yourself. Who doesn’t need that little reminder in their lives?! FYI, the 6-song EP makes for perfect soundtrack to any morning routine.

What I hadn’t realized at the time was that I already loved this babe! Her duet with another Minnesota-based songstress, Caroline Smith, made its way onto my Smash the Patriarchy playlist right before the Women’s March earlier this year.

So, here you go, the Prince-and-Sleater-Kinney-approved powerhouse (for real though, she collaborated with Prince and 3rdEyeGirl on “BOYTROUBLE” from 2014’s Plectrumelectrum and opened for Sleater-Kinney during their N. American tour for No Cities to Love), LIZZO! 

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