Anxiety Journal: Who needs comprehensive healthcare when you’ve got…

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Classics: Soup, salad, breadsticks, and now LASAGNA!?!?!?! The perfect infinite meal to take your mind off of your soon to be crumbling body.



Taco Bell Cantina: A beacon of light in a world full of darkness, a much needed break from staring at your walls and praying for sweet release, the restaurant equivalent of Anita Baker’s Sweet Love*!

Vegas-10.jpgFrom Taco Bell’s blog post,  10 Reasons to Visit Taco Bell’s Flagship Restaurant In Las Vegas. Follow up question: Y’all need a reason!?

Sidenote: I love both of these places very much and plan on having my ashes scattered at the Times Square Olive Garden and the world’s only Taco Bell Cantina when an old white man finally succeeds in killing me.

*Anita Baker’s Sweet Love is sparkling white wine, crying in your bathtub personified. It is the best song ever written.

Also: How to Call Your Senator To Protest AHCA Ahead of the Senate Vote

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