Art Words from an Art Baby: Cats hate performance art

Ooooooo doggie babes, this week’s Art Words is something special! Two very wacky, very beautiful European artists – Krõõt Jurak and Alex Bailey – are doing what I feel no hesitation in saying is the Lord’s work: from my heart, my dreams and my mouth to God’s ears I present to you dear friends, Performance Art for Pets.* WATCH THE VIDEO IMMEDIATELY HERE!

This brings together two of my favorite national pastimes: weird art and dogs. I am being deadly serious when I say that this might be the epitome of art for me.

Possibly the best part of the video is the artists’ description of the differences between cats and dogs engaging in their work. In essence: cat performances are 30 minutes plus because they need to be convinced that they like art. Dogs get right to it because they love every second of performance art. Cats are like taking your mom to the New Museum. Dogs are like Chris Burden…they would take a bullet for art, they would nail themselves to a Volkswagen for art!


*Sidenote: We should do more for animals, they do so much for us. Also I can’t be sure that I actually typed any words because the keyboard is covered in my tears…I may have had a religious epiphany while watching this video.

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