Music Mondays: Kali Uchis

I’m not sure where or when the unicorn known as Kali Uchis came into my life but I’m glad she did. The girl stepped out of a neon-lit, 1960s California dream and I am here for it!

Last week the Colombian-American singer-songwriter, music video director, and all-around badass released “Tyrant,” the first single from her debut album (no release date though!) and it features another talented babe: Jorja Smith! It was a fabulous start to an even more fabulous week, so I’m just gonna keep that going.

For the record, if you’re building your summer soundtrack (that’s a thing everyone does, right? Just me?), make sure she’s on it. “Ridin Round” and even the downbeat “Loner” will definitely help summon those ever-elusive chill vibes.

More info:

Instagram [Bio reads: “dislikable colombian girl :: la que manda” YAASS!]




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