Sound Wave Saturday: An Aminatou Sow Appreciation Post

Podcast friends! I’m back from some vacation madness to recommend some auditory goodies just for you. This week I have a couple podcasts that are the result of the hard work of super cool babe Aminatou Sow. 

I first heard Sow a couple of years ago when I started listening to Call Your Girlfriend. 


A project with her real life BFF (and fellow cool babe) Ann Friedman, the pair of “long distance besties” talk pop culture, politics, and all things Shine Theory. Sow and Friedman also offer practical tips on how to work your best hustle. 

I love anything that emphasizes the importance of female friendships, and this podcast does that in spades. 


Recently, Sow has started a new project On She Goes. In this podcast, she interviews women of color to highlight the challenges and joys of traveling. Whether for business or pleasure, Sow and her guests discuss their tips and tricks to occupy a space (like most spaces) that has been dominated by and catered to white men. 

So that is my brief intro to Aminatou Sow, a super cool babe from whom I cannot wait to hear more! PS. If you aren’t following her on social media, you should quickly change that. 

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