Music Mondays: Jorja Smith

There are plenty of times when I’ve thought, “thank you, Drake,” (no, not sarcastically*), and when his 2017 mixtape More Life dropped, that is exactly what I thought upon hearing “Jorja Interlude.” Since then this girl, who just turned 20 yesterday (!), has been serenading me.

Did you catch her appearance two weeks ago on Kali Uchi’s “Tyrant”? No? Well, no worries! Today she released the visual for her new single “Teenage Fantasy,” and it was proof that sometimes procrastination pays off (I try to write these on Sunday nights).

I’ll just be here, waiting for a full-length album.

And just for good measure:

Have a good one, y’all.

*ask anyone that knows me, he is my ultimate “boy I wanna make cry.” The girls in his songs are always off living their best lives, and Drake might be the secret ingredient, the boy you have to break before you come into your own.

More info:

Meet Jorja Smith, The British Teen Conquering Apathy With Soul


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