Music Mondays: Honeyblood

Honeyblood is like a throwback to the early 2000s, when I spent a lot of time listening to girls playing guitars and screaming into microphones, wishing I could do the same. Their second album Babes Never Die (2016) perfectly recalls a kind of girlhood that is reckless, carefree, and entirely itself. It’s a girlhood spent with pelo suelto and scraped knees and fingers left sticky from candy (or red from hot cheetos, amirite?).

The band, made up of badass Scottish babes Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers (total superhero names!), channel aggression through rambunctious guitar and drums and sing frankly about friendships and heartbreak in its many guises. The album’s title track is empowering and tough, plus it offers another mantra to add to your daily affirmation repertoire: Babes never die!


And, for fun, here’s the video for “Ready for the Magic”:

“People think little girls are precious, like they need to be looked after. We wanted to turn that on its head; girls fending for themselves, with superhuman strength.”

– Stina Tweeddale, singer-guitarist

Learn more:


Honeyblood: ‘We’re about girls fending for themselves, with superhuman strength’

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