Music Mondays: Ana Tijoux

Taking it back to 2014 today not only because I am bracing myself for the ruckus the fourth day of July usually incites, but also because Ana Tijoux’s superb ode to global resistance movements is worth returning to on a regular basis.

“Somos Sur” from Tijoux’s fourth studio album Vengo centers and draws a parallel between the post-colonial struggles and the fight for social justice across Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Tijoux highlights the international community of support that exists between all the silenced, the neglected, the invisible. All this affirmation is topped with a rapid-fire verse from British Palestinian MC Shadia Mansour that is undeniably powerful and moving. Praise be to all open exercises in bi-, tri-, quadri-lingualism!

Stay safe, y’all

More info:

Chilean Musician Ana Tijoux on Politics, Feminism, Motherhood & Hip-Hop as “a Land for the Landless”

“Somos Sur” English translation  (Unfortunately, I cannot speak to the accuracy of the translation from Arabic, but the translation of the Spanish lyrics are pretty accurate)

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