Music Mondays: Tkay Maidza

Let’s get one thing straight, on top of being an extremely relevant show packed with a compelling cast of characters, the Netflix series Dear White People has an amazing soundtrack. I’m sure most of you know that a good soundtrack can really make a scene, (an idea I have been reassured of while watching another show on Netflix and the fact that I am ready to strangle its music supervisor, WAY TO KILL THE MOOD, MAN!) ::ahem:: and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes really delivers throughout the series, but it’s the first title-card that brought me to this week’s Music Monday highlight.

With that long prelude (but seriously, y’all should really watch Dear White People–film and series), I present: Tkay Maidza. The 21-year-old Zimbabwe-born, Australian rapper blends high-energy hip-hop (similar to MIA, though less political) with riotous electronic pop. It’s a lot of fun, y’all.

After releasing a number of singles since 2013, including the dynamite “Brontosaurus” and the  dance party-friendly “Uh-Huh,” last year she released her debut album Tkay. It’s definitely one for that Friday dance party that you’re already planning in your head.

And, here’s another because it’s Leo season!

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