It’s Our Birthday…

And we owe it all to you, babes! You’re some of the biggest dreamboats we’ve ever met! Thanks so much for making Feminista Social Club the super chill but also rage filled coven it’s become and (hopefully) will continue to be!

Special thanks to Julie Kim-Proehl (kicking ass and chewing bubblegum in Buffalo), Nadia Vasquez (stirring the pot in Los Angeles), Mary O’Leary and Samantha Sheppard (giving patriarchy the what for in New York), Hannah Cattarin and Stephanie Keating (for tearing up our blog) and our Buffalo Event Planning/ only committee (doing so much cool stuff for free out of the goodness of their beautiful hearts):

Adrienne Boudreau
Danielle Boudreau
Tori Claiflin
Meg Gonsalves
Greer Hamilton
Jessica Keltz
Stephanie Perry
Amanda Mccrea

We love y’all!

-Jasmine and Amber



Sidenote: Jasmine took these pics this past Wednesday when some NYC babes got together to see Girls Trip. This is pre Girls Trip, you can tell because I am not yet foaming at the mouth with feminist rage and dreams of Essence Jazz Festival sisterhood.

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