Music Mondays: Noname

Fatimah Warner, the beautiful rapper/poet/storyteller who goes by Noname, is one of those people blessed with the rare gift of effortless flow and rhythm in their words. She used this gift to give us her debut EP Telefone, a careful mixture of self-reflection and social commentary. Listening to it all the way through, it sounds like a friend catching you up on her thoughts, fears, and dreams.

One song in particular, “Yesterday,” has been getting me through all the news the past couple of days. In a stream of consciousness Noname lists off heavy thoughts and somber observations about violence and vice, ending up at “I wish I was a kid again.” I think it’s a feeling we can all relate to, this desire to go back to some yesterday when everything seemed better. I suppose it would be a good time for something more upbeat but, in truth, I think we all have a lot of thinking to do.


Take care of yourselves and each other. Stay safe.

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