Womxn Crush(ing It) Wednesdays: Fuck You, Nazis

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? I like to think of the images below as three words repeated a million times… FUCK YOU, NAZIS and I have been looking at them a lot in the past few days.

But these three words are not just for the tiki torch carrying mob in Charlottesville, they’re for everyone who voted for 45, they’re for my family members who sit so steeped in their white privilege that they think they had no part in the events in Charlottesville, not to mention the systematic racism that this country was founded on and still operates under. You’re not innocent or excused just because you weren’t actually in Charlottesville wielding oversized citronella candles and marching through the streets chanting a whole bunch of racist, xeno/trans/homophobic bullshit. Your open or secret support for 45 is a testament to your blatant acceptance of and contribution to white supremacy and racism. Your ignorance and/or your desire to “not be political” is an affirmation of your inability to admit your white privilege and your contribution to the violence and discrimination that people of color have experienced for hundreds of years. White silence equals violence and I’m here to make you as uncomfortable as possible starting at the dinner table, so get ready.


From the The Charlottesville Solidarity March in Los Angeles on August 13, 2017.



From the protest outside of Trump Tower in New York, August 14, 2017.
FullSizeRender 31
Image from @girlpowersupply on Instagram.
FullSizeRender 32
Image from Bunny Michael’s Instagram.
FullSizeRender 33
Image from @femalecollective on Instagram.
FullSizeRender 30
Image from Chelsea Manning’s Instagram.


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