Music Mondays: St. Vincent

Can anyone else believe how quickly August has gone? Now we’re staring down at September and I can’t help but feel mild melancholy about it, hence this week’s selection for Music Mondays.

I can only ever immediately think of one word to describe Annie Clark: celestial. I always get the sense that I am listening to some mythical being who came down from the heavens to make music for us mere mortals for a bit. What she creates is enchanting, dreamy, and strange, perfect music for when you find yourself in a daze (which I have been).

Even though she is no stranger to the gentler ballad, St. Vincent is perhaps better known for her heavier electropop/experimental rock. Still, it’s refreshing that she’s traded in her signature ethereal guitar sounds for a soft piano and a triumphant string arrangement in her new single “New York.”


If your reaction to the above was anywhere close to mine, you’ll need a pick-me-up to follow, STAT! Here’s one:

And as a finishing touch, one of my favorites:

Stay strong.

More info:

St. Vincent’s Cheeky, Sexy Rock [an excellent profile!]



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