Anxiety Journal: A Haunting in New York

I think I met a racist ghost today.

If you know me at all you’re well aware that I LOOOVVVEEEE a good boo. So imagine my delight when on my way to work I see a ghost bopping down the street, coming right towards me! I tried to ready myself for what I hoped would be a very memorable encounter…should I say hello, should I try to shake its hand, DOES IT HAVE HANDS!?

As it came closer, though, I realized the ghost did not look as happy to see me as I was to see it. I had a sudden stark realization as we passed each other…this ghost was afraid of me! It looked around frantically trying to avoid eye contact, it seemed to back away from me in disgust. But what hurt the most, I mean what really stung  was that it clutched its bag as I approached it! As if I might attempt to steal its ghost treats! Needless to say, I was upset.

To be fair I was wearing giant pants this particular morning and just a few days before a grown man pleaded with me not to beat him up while I was wearing them, to which I responded “I can’t make any promises.” …So it could just be that I strike a very imposing figure in said pants.

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