New York State of Mind: It’s Election Day!

Sorry we missed your general elections babes on the Best Coast, we’ll work on something for y’all the next time around!

Polls are open from 6 – 9 today statewide, to find your polling place click here!

All New York State – Props 1, 2 & 3

Constitutional Convention: Proposal 1 would call for a constitutional convention to explore proposals for changes to the state constitution. Yes: The state constitution is outdated and in desperate need of both modernization and streamlining. The state legislature and governor have failed to pass needed reforms to improve government ethics, voting and election laws, and other updates need to state laws dealing with the courts and much more. No: A convention is too risky, potentially leading to rollbacks of important public pension guarantees and other worker protections, environmental conservation measures, and more. Wealthy ideologues and special interests could dominate the process, and the delegates are likely to be elected officials and their allies.

WNYC tells us what we have to lose or gain

Be cool or lose your pension: Proposal 2 would allow judges to reduce or revoke the state pension of a public officer convicted of a felony related to his or her duties.
Yes: More must be done to deter officials from betraying the people’s trust. Taxpayers shouldn’t be obligated to pay pension benefits to someone who used their office for personal gain. The revocation of all or part of a pension is an appropriate punishment for courts consider dispensing. No: Pensions are not a reward for good behavior. They represent a contract between a worker and an employer—whether that worker is an elected official or a sanitation worker or teacher. Making it possible for courts to curtail pensions opens the door to making other people’s pensions subject to change if it suits the political mood.
Land Account: Proposal 3 would create a 250-acre land bank, which would allow local governments to request forest preserve land for projects in exchange for the state acquiring 250 acres for the forest preservesYes: This is a common-sense way to address pressing needs of towns and villages that are located in forested areas. If a locality must encroach on a forest preserve for the sake of public health and safety, the state will offset that use by donating an equivalent amount of land to the preserve. The land transfers can fund further preservation efforts. No: Eroding the protections for forest land could be dangerous. Today’s limited exception to the state’s rules against forest development could pave the way for more significant changes down the road.



County Clerk

Steven Cichon


Michael Kearns


Erie County Comptroller

Stefan Mychajliw


Vanessa Glufsheski


Way way back in beautiful sunny July  we were lucky enough to have Vanessa Glushefski at our Buffalo Feminista Social Club Meeting and summer BBQ! Here’s a real quick idea of how we feel about Vanessa/how lame the incumbent, Stefan Mychajliw, is from the fantastic Julie Kim-Proehl:

Women have to work twice as hard as men to be considered on the same level. As women, we know we have to jump 10 feet higher than our male counterparts to be successful.  And Vanessa is just that, the better candidate by leaps and bounds. She has her JD from UB, a BA in Accounting from Baruch, she’s been a practicing lawyer for 3 years and has been a CPA for 10.  She’s also a  leader in her community, volunteering her time and legal services to those in need. The incumbent, Stefan Mychajliw, is a Republican/Trump supporter, and  “D” rate buffalo celebrity that is grossly unqualified to do the job. The minimum qualifications for comptroller require a degree in Accounting and a CPA, Mychajliw only has a degree in journalism and a few online education certificate courses.Help us make some progressive political change here in Erie County! Feminists Vote!!!! And we Organize!!!!”



County Sheriff

Tim Howard

Howard is a literal white supremacist so like, DON’T vote for him.

Bernie Tolbert


County Legislators

You’re all super cool babes so I’m sure you know (even if you don’t know you’re still  super chill)… but to find out your district, your legislators and who you’re voting for click here:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.50.30 AM.png

New York

From the Gotham Gazette: “The 2017 New York City elections are for the three citywide posts of Mayor, Public Advocate and Comptroller; the five Borough President positions; all 51 City Council seats; the Brooklyn and Manhattan District Attorney posts; and other down ballot offices like some civil court judges and some district leader positions. The party primaries were September 12.” The general election is RIGHT NOW!

Click on this lil’ guy below, enter your address and let the Gotham Gazette whisk you away to all of the real info your heart desires:

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 6.59.35 AM.png

Mayoral Race

Bill de Blasio



Elected mayor in 2013 on platform to address inequities of the “tale of two cities.” Former public advocate and City Council member from Brooklyn. One-time aide to Mayor David Dinkins; ran Hillary Clinton’s successful Senate campaign in 2000. Also served as HUD regional director.

Sal Albanese


Former City Council member from Southern Brooklyn, 1983 to 1998. Ran for mayor in 1997 and 2013. Has also worked in finance and as an attorney in private sector.

Akeem Browder


Civil engineer and founder of Shut Down Rikers and the Kalief Browder Foundation, named after his brother who committed suicide after being confined to Rikers for three years without going to trial.

Aaron Commey


At-large committee member of the state Libertarian Party and director of media/special events for the Manhattan Libertarian Party. Says his experiences with mental health challenges and in the criminal justice system inform his candidacy.

Bo Dietl

Dump the Mayor

Former NYPD officer and detective who now runs a private investigation and security firm. Has been a TV and radio personality.

Nicole Malliotakis


State Assembly member from Staten Island, elected in 2010 over Democratic incumbent. Daughter of immigrants from Cuba and Greece. Formerly worked as a political aide and in public relations for Con Edison.

Michael Tolkin

Smart Cities

New York City native and Wharton School graduate who has worked as an entrepreneur. Says he has founded and advised a variety of companies; touts his ability to problem-solve.

Public Advocate

Letitia James


Democrat/Working Families

James was elected Public Advocate in 2014, becoming the first woman of color elected to a citywide position. Formerly, she was an assistant state attorney general, public defender, and City Council member from 2004 to 2013.

Devin Balkind


Balkind comes from the technology sector, having worked at a startup before creating his own nonprofit consulting group. He is also president of a software company that maintains an open-source management system for humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

James Lane


Lane is the founder and owner of a media website. He is also an independent musician and member of various advocacy groups. He also ran for public advocate in 2013.

Michael O’Reilly


O’Reilly is a former Marine and airplane pilot, and currently an attorney. He ran to be a U.S. representative in Queens in 2016, losing to Democrat Greg Meeks.

Juan Carlos Polanco


Polanco is currently an attorney and adjunct faculty member at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. He was at one point president of the New York City Board of Elections and regularly appears as a political commentator in local media.


Scott Stringer


Democrat/Working Families

A former state Assembly member and two-term Manhattan Borough President, Stringer beat former Gov. Eliot Spitzer in the 2013 primary for the Democratic City Comptroller nomination.

Michel Faulkner

Republican/ Conservative/Reform/Stop de Blasio

Faulkner is a minister and businessman who played one year for the New York Jets. He briefly ran for mayor before switching to the comptroller contest.

Alex Merced


Merced is an author and business consultant.

Julia Willebrand


AWillbrand has worked as a public school teacher and college instructor and is a long-time community activist.

Brooklyn District Attorney

Eric Gonzalez


Named acting District Attorney in 2016

Vincent Gentile


Manhattan District Attorney

Cy Vance


Doesn’t seem great. From The New Yorker, Why Didn’t the Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance Prosecute the Trumps or Harvey Weinstein?

Marc Fliedner

Announced in early October that he’s embracing a write-in campaign for Manhattan DA…in reality he dressed up like a pencil and told people to write in his name instead. He’s a good time.

All 51 City Council seats!

If you aren’t sure what district you’re in, find out babes! The Gotham Gazette’s handy election guide will also tell you exactly who you’re voting for! Sidenote: if you’re in District 2, Carlina Rivera seems like a super chill babe!

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