City Livin’: Merry Christmas, Give Us Some Money…

For the Brooklyn based, Third Wave Fund!


I love the holidays! I’m very into lights of all sorts, I like giving a weird gift that I’m overly invested in, and I love texting every woman I know my updated Feminist manifesto for the new year. It usually begins with something like, “Now they are forsaken, next they burn in Hell.” Anyhoo, I also love supporting babes doing some serious heavy lifting to make the world super chill. That’s where the Third Wave Fund comes in!

The Third Wave Fund  is a community fund that supports grassroots, youth-led gender justice activism across the U.S. to advance the political power, well-being, and self-determination of low-income and people of color communities.

We’re trying to raise $500 for these dreamboats and their Mobilize Power Fund, which provides rapid response grants for direct organizing actions and community mobilization around gender justice issues. Grassroots donations to this fund are essential as they allow Third Wave to respond quickly to urgent needs in the community.

You can help grow this fund by contributing as little as $5, or by making a monthly contribution! So be the earth angels I know you are, become an activist donor, and pass it on!

More About Mobilize Power Fund
The Mobilize Power Fund provides flexible and responsive funding that supports youth leaders as they respond to immediate threats and opportunities.The Fund supports urgent organizing, activism, and mobilization led by young women of color, queer, and transgender youth around the country. This fund helps young people fight for justice and take on this country’s most challenging issues in real time. The fund is open year-round and is there for organizers when they need it the most.

Click to learn more about the Mobilize Power Fund!

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