Music Mondays: Rina Sawayama

About that long hiatus…life, amiright? But I think I’m ready to share music with y’all on a more regular basis (she said, screaming into the void).

So here we go!

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for the dream pop and because my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist knows me so well/Spotify is spying on me, I was grateful for the introduction to Rina Sawayama.

I was even more intrigued when I began listening to her other work (i.e. a mini-album she released last year simply titled RINA) and found that it existed in another world all together. It took me a while to realize what it sounded like before I settled on: it sounds like the internet. Not in an electronic way, but in a way that makes it fit neither here nor there, but everywhere at the same time…it’s weird. I heard Japanese pop with late-90s teenybopper pop, then there were hints of contemporary, experimental R&B. It’s a journey!

Definitely one worth taking.

More info:

This great interview with i-D where she discusses overcoming internalized racism and empowering East Asian girls:

Interview with Jade Jackman for Dazed

The majority of my team are women, and the men who I work with are feminists who understand the importance of fair representation in the music industry. In all aspects of work, women sometimes produce different things to men, and also sometimes they don’t. This idea, combined with the fact that the industry is still very male dominated, is why it’s so important to empower fellow female creatives.


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