Music Mondays: Sampa the Great

I’m away today so I’m vibing with Sampa the Great’s free spirited flow. The beautiful teaser of a mixtape she released last year titled Birds and the BEE9 makes for an ideal travel companion, calming the nerves with its jazzy moments and soulful melodies.

It’s not surprising that she captures the traveler’s spirit so succinctly considering she has spent a good part of her life jumping from place to place: she was born in Zambia, raised in Botswana, spent some time in San Francisco and LA, and is now based in Sydney. Of course, her music is about more than that but I’ll leave that up for personal discoveries. Let me just say that it is healing and empowering, a reminder that we can all be great.

I hope y’all can take BBEE9 with you wherever you’re off to next.

Here’s one from an earlier mixtape just for good measure:

More info:

Official website (includes links to the three part Road to BBEE9 documentary)


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