Music Mondays: Savages

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, trying to put together the words to describe the quiet intensity that Savages inspires. It’s more than quiet, really, because it builds into a frantic ferocity, ensuring a transition from light headbang to full-on mosh pit. It’s definitely not something that I’ve gravitated towards since early high school, but it’s been a crazy time, y’all, and I just want to break something sometimes. Enter Savages’s  2016 Adore Life, an album that captures the guitar-rock force and lust-driven power and pairs it with lyrics about love’s pleasures, insecurities, and messiness. The track “Adore” serves as a perfect example of all of this.

Not necessarily a mainstream love song, but a solid one nonetheless, the kind you feel in your gut.

Photo by TIM from Savages Photo Diary

There’s really not much I can say about this awesome group of rockers that isn’t expressed in their sound. I mean, watch them totally shred in this performance of “Fuckers” and prepare to feel that TDGAF attitude take over you!


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