Happy Belated International Women’s Day!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I unfortunately could not strike, but I did protest in my own special way. And I realized that it could maybe serve as a guide for women the world over – not just on our day or during our month, but every single day of our lives:

Go to the toilet every hour on the hour. If anyone asks you why you’re using the toilet so much tell them it’s women troubles. If they ask what those are, scream wouldn’t you like to know (whisper it if it’s another woman). Follow this up with another trip to the toilet (ask the previous woman if she’d like to join you and discuss said troubles, respect her boundaries if she would rather not go to the toilet with you). Once in the toilet fall asleep anywhere and everywhere. If someone finds you, wakes you up and asks if you’re ok tell them you’ll sleep when you’re dead…which could quite possibly be right now (if your new best friend/life partner/mom did indeed follow you to the toilet she will know not to rudely disturb you but will instead lovingly cover you with a blanket she’s been carrying around since the day she was born for this exact purpose. She will then join you for a nap). Sleep for the rest of the month…year…ETERNITY! Only wake up when you are ready. Dream about the existential dread and unending torment of this shutterstock photo entitled “sad, offended black girl”, she is just like you.

stock-vector-sad-offended-black-girl-cartoon-illustration-vector-flat-image-417097960 2Damn, she’s already sad. Can’t she be FREE!?

You could also always and forever support these orgs:

Third Wave Fund – y’all know I love them and their quest for gender justice for all.

These are all from Colorlines and they are all so good: 

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice centers women, gender nonconforming, intersex and trans people of color in its global work to fund LBGTQI organizations who seek to make transformative change in their communities. Show your support.

Black Women’s Health Imperative is committed to improving the physical, emotional and financial wellness of Black women and girls across America, via policy advocacy, programing and research. Show your support.

MANA, A National Latina Organization was found in 1974 as a grassroots membership organization that empowers Latinas via advocacy, leadership development and community service. Show your support.

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum works to advance human rights and social justice for Asian American and Pacific Islander girls and women in three policy areas: economic justice, immigrant rights and reproductive health. Show your support.

National Black Women’s Justice Institute works to reduce racial and gender disparities that impact cisgender and transgender Black women and girls. Show your support.

National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center seeks to “enhance the capacity of American Indian and Alaska Native (Native) tribes, Native Hawaiians, and Tribal and Native Hawaiian organizations to respond to domestic violence.” Show your support.

National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health elevates Latina leaders to help secure unfettered rights to reproductive health, justice and dignity. Show your support.

Ramp Your Voice! is the brainchild of Vilissa Thompson, a disabled women who couldn’t find self-advocacy resources that were inclusive of women of color. The organization promotes “empowerment, education, inclusion and self-advocacy “ for people with disabilities. Show your support.

TransWomen of Color Collective unites trans and gender nonconforming people of color to share their narratives and elevate them to leadership positions in the fight for collective liberation for the oppressed. Show your support.

Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality promotes Muslim women leaders to support its vision of “a peaceful and prosperous world anchored in gender equality and human dignity.” It organizes to address injustices including domestic violence, child marriage, genital mutilation and violent extremism. Show your support.

And there were so many good articles shared yesterday, here are just a few: 


The Independent: Don’t forget what International Women’s Day is really about – striking

STACK: International Women’s Day: Beyond straight, white feminism in print

Broadly: 100 Easy Ways to Make Women’s Lives More Bearable

Teen Vogue: International Women’s Day 2018: The History of IWD’s Socialist Roots

The Root: Shop Until You Make Poverty Drop: This International Women’s Day, Support Brands That Globally Support Women 


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