Music Mondays: TOKiMONSTA

It’s taken me a few months but I’ve finally gotten around to listening to TOKiMONSTA’s latest album, Lune Rouge (reminded by the release of Kingdom’s remix of “NO WAY” on Friday).  And holy hell, was I depriving myself of some true beauty!

Of course I have come to expect strong, piano-inflected, smooth beats from the LA-based producer. I’m not surprised that in her latest effort she continues to perfectly meld hip-hop with dream-pop soundscapes. What I was not expecting was the heartbreaking story behind the creation of the album, and how if you listen closely, you hear it in the background shaping every melody, propelling every build-up. In that, the LP represents a whole new level in Jennifer Lee’s career, one that pushes pure emotion further to the forefront, completely embracing the extremes in life, joy or melancholy, fear or serenity.

Her story is completely her’s to tell so I’ll put this here for some background:

After the terrible ordeal, the first song she completed was the single “I Wish I Could.” With the fervent declaration in the chorus, Selah Sue puts into the words the anxiety and angst that Lee carries through in the rest of the song.

I hope y’all will take a listen, especially if you find yourselves needing a little push.

And here’s a throwback to one of my favorites just for good measure.

Official Website



TOKiMONSTA Lost Speaking and Musical Abilities After Brain Surgery. This Is How She Regained Them.


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