Why Don’t You Get A Job…THAT YOU LIKE!? April 2nd, 2018

dream jobs for dreamy babes (2).png

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, career babies, so here are some very cool job listings from someone who has never liked any job she has ever had in her entire life ever.*

*Check back here every Monday(ish) for 5 new jobs/opportunities!


National Sawdust – Housing Manager
This non-profit music venue in Williamsburg is looking for you and your managerial skills! Also the executive and artistic director seem like pretty cool babes!
About National Sawdust

Visual Aids – Artist & Registry Assistant (Part Time)
Visual Aids is a really great org. I know it’s part time, but if you can swing it definitely apply!
About Visual Aids

Creative Capital – Office Coordinator
Now you get to control all the art money, don’t let it go to your head. Try to be a gracious leader.
About Creative Capital 

Cue Art Foundation – Development Coordinator
Get these folks some money!
About Cue Art Foundation

CRWN Magazine – Looking for interns
Working for free blows, but working with a publication for and by black women is very chill. If you have the time, energy and resources (which, I mean…who does?) it’s for sure worth looking into and supporting. If I didn’t need money I would quit my job and follow these babes to the ends of the earth wearing nothing but a free-flowing white sack and a head full of sweet dreams.
About CRWN Magazine

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