Why Don’t You Get A Job…THAT YOU LIKE!? April 9th, 2018

dream jobs for dreamy babes (2).png

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, career babies, so here are some very cool job listings from someone who has never liked any job she has ever had in her entire life ever.*

*Check back here every Monday(ish) for 5 new jobs/opportunities!


Curatorial Assistant – Next To Nothing Gallery
Work here and be the art star you always knew you could be! Bonus: think this place is run by a cool babe/photographer, go be her new best friend!
About Next To Nothing

Marketing Associate – The Flea Theater
You are in for a real treat when you go to their website. Woof, it’s a good time!
About The Flea

Marketing & Community Engagement Associate – Flushing Town Hall
They do so much stuff that it’s almost overwhelming. Check em out!
About Flushing Town Hall

Curatorial Fellowship – The Studio Museum
One of the rare curatorial fellowships that doesn’t require a masters degree and maybe you’ll get to hang with Thelma Golden and then immediately want to quit because she she seems like too cool of a babe and how can anyone work under that kind of pressure!?

Associate Database & Development Records – The Studio Museum
You’ve got a head for data and a bod for records, get in there!
About The Studio Museum

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