Music Mondays: Francis Quinlan

There is nothing else I’ve listened to this past week (aside clips from Beychella, of course) besides Hop Along’s latest album Bark Your Head Off, Dog. I’ve gotten everything I need from their leader Francis Quinlan: charming and imaginative storytelling, captivating vocals, and pop melodies and hooks.

And who are we kidding, the girl is just super cool. Since founding Hop Along in 2004 (as Hop Along, Queen Ansleis) Quinlan has established herself as an impressive storyteller with such a distinct voice that one can’t help but to stop and listen. Whether its through her frantic shouts or her reticent near-whispers, Quinlan finds a way to hook you into the narrative, leading you through every up and down, ensuring you feel everything with her.

It’s worth a listen because who doesn’t love a good story?

More info

Official Website

Bonus: Frances also painted the cover of BYHOD. A woman of many talents!


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