Why Don’t You Get A Job…THAT YOU LIKE!? April 23rd, 2018

dream jobs for dreamy babes (2).png

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, career babies, so here are some very cool job listings from someone who has never liked any job she has ever had in her entire life ever.*

*Check back here every Monday(ish) for 5 new jobs/opportunities!


Staff Writer – Hyperallergic
Taking what they’re giving cuz you’re writing for a living.
About Hyperallergic

Operations Manager – Printed Matter
Printed Matter is very cool despite Carl Andre being one of their founding members.
About Printed Matter

Grant Writer – The Center For Popular Democracy

Get in there and get some work done babes!
About The Center For Popular Democracy

Museum Education Training Program – The Studio Museum
It’s free! You just gotta apply!
About The Studio Museum

Senior Producer – The Wing
Dontchu wanna bask in all this lady luxury!? DON’T YOU!?
About The Wing

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