Why Don’t You Get A Job…THAT YOU LIKE!? May 7th, 2018

dream jobs for dreamy babes (2).png

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, career babies, so here are some very cool job listings from someone who has never liked any job she has ever had in her entire life ever.*

*Check back here every Monday(ish) for 5 new jobs/opportunities!


Professional Photo Retoucher – Next To Nothing
Do you love suits, but also have a wild creative spirit!? Get in here and fix these photos!
About Next To Nothing

Social Media Specialist – Fractured Atlas
Their mission has a lot of words in it, but they’re all good ones!
About Fractured Atlas

Program Coordinator – Midori & Friends
Music for city babies!
About Midori & Friends

Art & Social Practice Residency 2018 – ProjectArt
Hang out in a library for 9 months, libraries are great. Everybody knows it, it’s time we admit it.
About ProjectArt

Senior Producer (Social & Digital) – New York Public Radio
WQXR to be exact. Which is the classical music station. I feel like their toilets are probably really nice and have classical music playing 24/7, don’t you want that for yourself? You should, you deserve it.
About New York Public Radio

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