Why Don’t You Get A Job…THAT YOU LIKE!? June 1st, 2018

dream jobs for dreamy babes (2).png

Today is the first day of the rest of your lives, career babies, so here are some very cool job listings from someone who has never liked any job she has ever had in her entire life ever.*

*Check back here every Monday(ish) for 5 new jobs/opportunities!


Digital & Social Media Copywriter & Coordinator – National Sawdust
This is a fancy music house!
About National Sawdust

Studio Manager/Archivist for Artist Inka Essenhigh
Work for this babe, she makes whimsical paintings!
About Inka Essenhigh

Executive Director – Theatre of the Oppressed
Isn’t it about time you were in charge? Amirightladiesssss!? For real though, this place is cool and a cool babe should run it.
About Theatre of the Oppressed

Program Manager & Curator – The Nars Foundation
Y’all they want you to have a master’s but also only wanna pay $35,000 which is wild, but they do cool stuff but maybe you need to be rich to take this job idk.
About The Nars Foundation

Open Call for Curatorial Opportunity
This could be real? We can go together to avoid being serial murdered.

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